In the age of electronics, families are more reliant than ever on their computers. We find ourselves using them for everything from school to work to entertainment. To help save you time and money, we have created our Home Subscriptions to better provide you with a watchful eye on your computer’s status and to keep your home on its schedule.

With our monitoring service, GPcuztomz will maintain a close, watchful eye on your investments and provide you with monthly reports on its performance and progress. With our support and technicians on standby, you will receive our On-Site, Pickup, and Remote services directly to your registered computers or media server. Our goal is to keep you and your household running at with the least amount of downtime.



To subscribe or for more information call us at

(708) 859-1472

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HOME PC MONITORING GPcuztomz technicians will monitor your computer’s health and performance and will quickly notify you with any irregularities.  $10 / Month
HOME REMOTE PC SUPPORT Keep your small home computer operational by having our technicians monitor health and performance. We will also provide any remote support for maintaining your computer’s operations with no additional labor costs. $30 / Month
SERVICE SUPPORT Support for a single home computer that includes a free monthly maintenance remote Tune-Up. With your account’s subscription, your registered computer will be remotely serviced, also including On-Site or Pickup support up to four times a month with no additional labor cost. In the event of a new computer, we include a free data backup to transfer your files free of charge. $75 / Month



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