Below are links to three antivirus software providers. By choosing one of the download links, you will be able to load each manufacturer’s base viral scanning tools. 

*PLEASE NOTE: These are NOT free Anti-Virus Protection, but free virus scanners. You may purchases Anti-Virus Protection through any of these providers listed.*

McAfee is a large, global security company and is currently protecting millions of consumers’ PCs. McAfee updates their signatures (list of known malware and viruses) on a regular basis, which is important to be up to date with all current infections.  This is a great free malware and virus scanner by McAfee to scan for infections. You can run McAfee scanner alongside your installed antivirus with no contradictions. McAfee also offers antivirus software protection to scan and prevent infections in real-time. To learn more about McAfee products click here.

Norton is one of the top leading Anti-Virus protection software to date. Norton offers a variety of tools to clean and protect your PC. The Norton scanner is a free malware and virus scanner to detect any infections that may be on your computer. With regularly updated signatures (list of known malware and viruses), you can scan your system and files for any infections from Norton’s database. If you are looking to protect yourself from infections in the future, you can learn more about Norton and their products here.

Kaspersky is another top leading company who produces and delivers great Anti-Virus Protection. They have also released many tools that prevents new security threats. Kaspersky’s scanner has up to date signatures (list of known malware and viruses) and can detect infections on your PC. Many businesses have chosen Kaspersky protection due to their reliability and services, which you can learn more about here.


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