Technology is improving and advancing rapidly. Unfortunately, you may find that your computer you purchased a few years ago is not performing fast enough with the software or devices of today. There are many ways to upgrade your computer with both hardware and software applications. We will look at your computer components to determine its capability to handle an upgrade without having to invest into a new computer.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your operating system or the speed of your computer, GPcuztomz believes in doing what’s right by our customers. We strongly recommend scheduling a Checkup service first to determine if the computer will give you the performance needed versus the cost. If it is determined that your computer is able for an upgrade, we will do so with proficient service.

You can schedule an Upgrade online by first choosing Checkup or call us at

(708) 859-1472

or email us at

Pickup options also available



"Technician Computer" by Naypong



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