Malware and viruses can be damaging to any personal computer or business system.  If you think you are infected, you should always take the proper steps to remove it quickly and correctly.  There are many different types of infections. Most of them embed themselves deep into the core of your operating system or cause a total system failure.  The more sophisticated the virus, the more difficult it is to remove it without damaging your computer.  Once found, we will properly remove the infection and repair the damage path to make sure there are no gaps in your security moving forward.

Why take on the hassle of hunting down pop-ups, Trojans, and cyber-bugs when you can have an expert do it for you? With our malware and virus detection and extraction service, we will track down the origin of your infection and resolve the issue quickly to get you up, running, and secure again.  We will also do a brief question and answer session with you to give you pointers on how to safely navigate the sites you frequently visit to avoid future infections.

NOTE: You should NEVER enter your credit card or save your personal information with any site that you don't recognize. Also, be aware that there is malware that will mimic fake antiviruses, cleaners, and seem to be from trusted companies such as Microsoft to trick you into believing it’s genuine. You should always consult a technician if unsure.


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