There is no worse feeling than turning on your computer and finding out that you have no internet, your printer won’t connect, or you are greeted by a fault message that says there is an issue with your hard drive.  The good news is we can troubleshoot all of these issue and more. 


Whether it is a simple driver update or something as complicated as a network access issue, we can fix it all.  By using our step by step practices as a guide, we can diagnose, address, and repair every part of your system to get you up and running again in no time.


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With our dependency on computers growing each day, having your computer crash or experiencing  errors  can be devastating. Computer problems can be broken down to two categories: software and hardware. GPcuztomz is dedicated to finding the correct solution to your computer problem the first time. With the escalating number of problems that can arise, it’s necessary to have a professional technician help you find and repair the issue. We will track down the cause and repair any problem your computer may have to restore its health and operation back to peak performance.

The inconvenience of trying to figure out why your printer won’t print correctly can cause aggravation. Normally, the problems can be broken down into the three categories of hardware, software and networking. Troubleshooting printers requires a strong knowledge base of the printer hardware and software components, along with the functionality of how the printer communicates with your computer. Your GPcuztomz technician will track the source of the problem and make the necessary repairs to have your printer working properly. 

Most of our daily electronics tasks depend on a network to function properly. With all types of networks that homes and business rely on, it can be devastating to your daily routine when your network goes down and stops being operational. In almost any case, you will need to get it back up and running as soon as possible. GPcuztomz will find the issue at hand and mend any and all issues to get your network operational.


We enjoy our entertainment, spending hours watching our favorite TV shows and movies, and playing our games on our home theater systems. It can be frustrating and disappointing when your devices aren’t working properly because of a setting issue or misconfiguration. It is GPcuztomz pleasure to troubleshoot the issue.  Whether it is a gaming counsel, surround sound system, or streaming video player. We want to get you back to enjoying your systems in all their entertainment glory.



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