Here at GPcuztomz, we understand the business needs to run efficiently and that any downtime can be detrimental and costly. GPcuztomz has designed business solutions to help you concentrate on managing your business and not your systems.

With our monitoring service, GPcuztomz will maintain a close, watchful eye on your investments and provide you with monthly reports on its performance and progress. With our support and technicians on standby, you will receive our On-Site, Pickup, and Remote services directly to your registered computers or media server. Our goal is to keep you and your business running at with the least amount of downtime.



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SERVER MONITORING GPcuztomz technicians will monitor your small business server’s health and performance and we will quickly notify you with any irregularities.  $10 / Month
PREMIUM SERVER MONITORING & SUPPORT Keep your small business server operational by having our technicians monitor health and performance. We will also provide any support for maintaining your server’s operations with no additional labor costs. $20 / Month
SERVICE SUPPORT Support for a single office computer that includes a free monthly maintenance remote Tune-Up. With your account’s subscription, your registered computer will be serviced with no additional labor cost. In the event of a new computer, we will include a free data backup to transfer your files free of charge. $75 / Month
ULTIMATE MONITORING SERVICE & SUPPORT Our technicians will monitor and deliver support for up to 3 computers or small business servers. This package includes a free monthly maintenance remote Tune-Up on all registered computers. From temperature to performance, every aspect of the computer’s or small business server’s health will be monitored in multiple areas. Any irregularities will automatically be serviced with no additional labor cost. Also included is a free data migration in the event of a new computer. $150 / Month



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