Error messages are one of the most common problems, because they can arise from anywhere. From networking and corruption to hardware failures and viruses, we’re here to resolve those errors messages and get your computer's health back to routine operation. Most common error messages come from your computer being infected by a virus that may attack your drivers, operating system, or specific software programs.  While viral infections cannot always be prevented, you can protect the health of your computer by using a current anti-viral software and by being smart about what and where you download information.  There are several version of anti-viral software available. Make sure to pick a version that coincides with how you use your computer both as an individual and as a household or business.

Error messages appear for a reason; primarily to let you know that something is not working properly. Whether it is hardware or software related, an error message can be damaging to your computer. Messages can come from multiple sources and no two error messages are the same. Our technicians will track the source of the problem and correct the issue with precision, so you may get back to your daily routine.


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