As our computers start to show their age, we are lead to believe that the only option we have is to invest hundreds of dollars to replace it.  We are here to tell you that this couldn’t be further from the truth. The most effective way to give your old computer a fresh start is to return it to its original state by reloading a fresh operating system.  This will delete all traces of its past history including malware, viral infections, partial programs that did not fully delete, along with other things you did not know were even there!  Instead of investing those dollars into a new computer, let us give your computer a new lease on life for a fraction of the cost.

With our Wipe & Reload service, we will back up your data along any other personal files you request prior to performing the service.  GPcuztomz will take extra care to test your hardware health so we can make sure all of the components are in good physical shape and to ensure the service will have a long lasting effect. Next, we will wipe your hard drive clean of any information to allow us to reinstall your operating system on a clean slate.  Finally, we will scan the files we have backed up for viruses before reinstallation with all your basic applications. This fresh start for your computer will allow it to run as efficiently as it did the day it was purchased or better.


NOTE: Files such as documents, pictures, and music can be saved and reloaded back onto your new computer. However with programs, you will have to provide us with hard copies with registration keys if applicable to re-install them as with any new computer setup.


You can schedule our Wipe & Reload Service online by choosing Wipe & Reload or call us at

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